Sustainability Science

One of the main IIS research lines is related to "Sustainability Science".

IIS created and coordinates the Sustainability Science Course at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

Sustainability science is a new academic field that analyses the processes of production, diffusion and utilization of various kinds of knowledge with long term consequences for society. Thus, it deals with dynamic, complex interactions among diverse actors, creating, transmitting, and applying various types of knowledge under specific institutional conditions. Sustainability science has always had a problem-solving orientation that respects the diversity of traditional forms of knowledge and rejects the oversimplification of socioeconomic systems (application of social technology).

IIS has written two chapters in the book "Sustainability Science and Technology: An introduction", launched in 2014. The chapters are "Land-use impacts on ecosystem services" and " Conciliating ecosystem services and human needs through improved land use".