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Camila Islas

Sustainable Development Coordinator

Camila holds a Biology degree from the University of Pelotas (UFPEL) and a PhD in Ecology from the University of Campinas(UNICAMP). She has been a researcher at IIS for 4 years, where she has worked on more than 10 biodiversity conservation and restoration projects at the institute.Currently, she is the coordinator of the Sustainable Development team and represents IIS in the Articulação pela Restauração do Cerrado Network (ARATICUM) and in the Coalisão Brasil - Clima, Floresta e Agricultura.

Camila`s works encompasses Research, Teaching and Extension in subjects related to the socio-environmental area. She operates at the local level, collaborating with communities, as well as at the national and international levels, engaging within the scope of public policies. Her expertise spans Environmental Governance, Management of Natural Resources and Ecology, as well as the Management and Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. In particular, her research addresses the effects of human presence and action on communities and ecosystems. Additionally, she investigates possibilities for managing resources and territories from the perspective of Socioecological Systems, integrating Traditional and Local Ecological Knowledge and utilizing participatory methods. Camila's dedication to the field of environmental sustainability is supported by her participation as a young researcher in the Assessment on the Sustainable Use of Wild Species of the Intergovernmental Science and Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).