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Katarzyna Korys

Volunteer / External Researcher

Katarzyna holds an engineering degree in environmental protection and a master’s degree in environmental protection, specializing in soil protection, reclamation of degraded areas and agricultural chemistry. She graduated from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Poland) and participated in the Erasmus program at the University of Bari (Italy) at the Faculty of Agricultural-Environmental and Territorial Sciences (DiSAAT).
Currently, Katarzyna is completing postgraduate studies in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and Waste Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Wrocław. Her interests include the impact of environmental pollution on human health, in particular in areas of food contamination; renewable energy and the use of agri-food waste as an alternative to fertilizersand soil improvement.
Katarzyna started working at the International Institute for Sustainability in 2015, initially as an intern and then a volunteer. In 2018-2021, she worked at IIS as a research assistant, supporting a number of projects, including a project on the potential benefits of biochar in organic farming and the dynamics of degraded soils during ecological restoration. Currently, Katarzyna continues her cooperation with IIS as a volunteer / external researcher in the ‘Research, Development and Innovation’ team.