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Australian specialists discuss spatial priorization for Brazilian Atlantic Forest restoration at IIS

The International Institute for Sustainability received fro Australia the researches Hugh Possingham, Morena Mills, Hawthorne Beyer (University of Quuensland) and Ascelin Gordon (University of Melbourne) for the workshop “Multi-criteria spatial priorization for restoration of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest”, held on November 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2015 at IIS headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro.

The meeting joined twenty experts, including members from the government, academia and NGO’s from Rio de Janeiro and other states, besides IIS researchers. The group discussed and built partnerships in three initiatives:

  • To establish a partnership between IIS and University of Queensland to work on the spatial priorization for the restoration on the coming years;
  •  To develop scientific articles with high impact;
  • Give assistance to the implementation of the National Plan for the Recovery of Native Vegetation (PLANAVEG);

The researchers of IIS ans University of Quuensland will finish until the end of the year the first version of the multi-criteria spatial priorization map, wich will in conservation and forest restoration public policies.