Decision-making is usually focused on complex scenarios and often requires a multidisciplinary study

that address the necessary aspects to enable governments to follow through with decisions. Our work on this topic is vast, since most projects aim to support the formulation of public policies. Among them, the National Plan for the Recovery of Native Vegetation (PLANAVEG) stands out, which aims to create favourable conditions for the recovery of native vegetation of at least 12 million hectares by 2030, as well as participation in the Pact Coordination Council for Restoration of the Atlantic Forest (PACTO), a movement aimed at restoring 15 million hectares of Atlantic Forest by 2030, with the articulation and engagement of more than 300 groups including governments, NGOs, research institutes, universities and private companies. We also hosted the Thematic Consultation on Restoration of Ecosystems for the Global Biodiversity Framework post 2020, a meeting which promoted a dialogue based on scientific contributions and experience of representatives from more than 60 countries, aiming to develop suggestions on objectives, goals and potential indicators, as well as thoughts on monitoring and reporting for the post-2020 global biodiversity picture.

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