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CSRio Seminar welcomes Cecília Herzog on the talk “Nature-Based Solutions for Contemporary City Challenges”

Last week, we welcomed Cecilia Herzog at CSRio Seminat to present “Nature-Based Solutions for Contemporary City Challenges”. Cecília is urban landscaper, professor at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism and postgraduate coordinator in Ecological Landscaping: landscape planning and design at PUC-Rio.
National and international speaker, consultant for the ‘Innovation Observatory for Sustainable Cities’ of CGEE (Center for Management and Strategic Studies) and for the III Sectoral Dialogue between the European Community and Brazil (MCTIC), she is also author of the book “Cities for All: (re) learning to live with nature”. As a researcher on themes that integrate urban ecology with urban planning and projects, her interdisciplinary approach focuses on solutions based in nature for sustainable and resilient cities, with high quality of life and well-being.


“Nature-Based Solutions for Contemporary City Challenges”

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