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IIS Introduce Restoration Project in South Africa´s Conference

The IIS members attended to the World Conference on Ecological Restoration, in Cape Town (SA), on 24-27 September 2019.

Our executive director, Bernardo Strassburg, presented the project “Global Priorities for Restoration” where spoke about the cost-effectively on identifying priority areas for landscape restoration on a global scale. . Watch the presentation here. 

During the event, a research paper named “A new approach to mapping landscape variation in the success of forest restoration in tropical and temperate forest biomes”, coordinated by IIS associate Renato Crouzeilles, was also published. This approach makes possible to identify areas where forest restoration for biodiversity could be more successful in tropical and temperate forest biomes. This is a key information to assist: 1) setting restoration goals; 2) indicating priority areas; 3) reducing the cost of implementing restoration  and 4) reducing the risk of investing in restoration actions. Access the publication.

Still in the area of forest restoration, the IIS researcher, Viviane Dib, presented a study on the role of forest restoration in groundwater recharge, in the Atlantic Forest. The results of the study should be used – along with other criteria – to determine priority areas for restoration of the Atlantic Forest, such as improved water quality, biodiversity conservation, carbon stock and socioeconomic aspects of restoration. These results highlight the importance of spatial planning and help decision makers to define priority areas to be restored, seeking to improve the provision of ecosystem services.

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