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IIS launch summary at UN Climate Change Summit

In the face of worsening climate crisis, the UN Climate Action Summit met on September 21 – 23 at the United Nations Headquarter, in New York, to discuss practical ways and actions in response to this challenge.

Our CEO Bernardo Strassburg attended the event and represented IIS at the launch of a Policy Brief “How to Deliver Forest Restoration at Scale” and a Progress Report on Natural Vegetaion  developed by our associated Renato Crouzeilles in partnership with the Conservation International (CI), the International Forest Research Center (CIFOR), among other authors. The first document presented recommendations for unlocking the potential of the most cost-effective way to restore forests in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. In addition, its presents a mapping that make possible to identify – with high certainty – the suitable areas for assisted natural regeneration, as a progress report  wich presents the substantially lower costs associated with assisted natural regeneration. The summary was presented as an instrument for restoration wich can be implemented through smart policies and financial incentives.

The Climate Action Summit showcased new initiatives by government, business and civil society to increase their commitments achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and work toward reducing emissions to essentially zero by mid-century. The event also provided a platform for countries and businesses to demonstrate how they will reduce emissions by at least 45 per cent by 2030, and a target of achieving carbon neutrality by mid-century.

Download the summary:

Download the progres report:

Photo: UN Photo/Loey Felipe

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