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The International Institute for Sustainability team was present at the VII World Conference on Restoration held in Foz do Iguaçu between August 27 and September 1, 2017

IIS researchers did 10 oral presentations and 3 posters. And with great satisfaction IIS announces that Viviane Dib has won an award for the third best poster presentation entitled “Spatial Prioritization in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest: First Steps to an Aquatic Ecosystem Services Approach”.

Here is the complete list of our presentations:

  • The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity (TEEB) in the Rio do Paraiba do Sul basin (SP) – Agnieszka Latawiec
  • Fundamental Aspects of the Economics of Restoration – Bernardo Strassburg
  • Economic Incentives for Native Vegetation Recovery at Different Scales and their Interface with Public Policies – Bernardo Strassburg
  • A Flexible, Multicriteria Modelling Approach to Prioritise Restoration Aiming at Maximising Multiple Benefits and Minimising Costs: A Case Study for the Atlantic Rainforest – Bernardo Strassburg
  • International Perspectives and Lessons on Restoration with Focus on Supporting Society and Business – Bernardo Strassburg
  • Complex Socio-Ecological Drivers of Natural Regeneration in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest Hotspot – Renato Crouzeilles
  • Ecological Restoration Success is Higher for Natural Regeneration than for Active Restoration in Tropical Forests – Renato Crouzeilles
  • Gaps and Bridges Between Science and Practice: Ecological Restoration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Fernanda Tubenchlak
  • Look Down – there is a gap – Need to Include Soil Data in Restoration Projects in Atlantic Forest of Brazil – Maiara Mendes
  • Socioeconomic Impacts of Restoration: The Case of Mutirão de Reflorestamento in Rio de Janeiro – Luisa Lemgruber
  • Monitoring Restoration Success of Soil’s Quality in Forested Ecosystems: A Global Metaanalysis – Adriana Allek Litaiff
  • The Effect of Biochar on Atlantic Forest Seedlings: Environmental and Socio-Economic Analysis – Aline Furtado Rodrigues
  • Spatial Prioritization in Atlantic Forest: Firsts Steps to an Aquatic Ecosystem Services Approach – Viviane Dib da Silva