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Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration – Summary for Decision Makers

We present the Thematic Report “Restoration of Landscapes and Ecosystems in the Brazil”. The document is the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BPBES) and IIS, with the support of the Brazil-Germany TEEB Regional-Local Cooperation project: Conservation of Biodiversity through the Integration of Ecosystem Services into Public Policy and Business. Created in 2015, BPBES financial support from MCTIC3, via CNPq and Fapesp, through the Biota Program, as well as institutional support from SBPC4, ABC5 and from FBDS6. For the preparation of its thematic reports, in which it delves into urgent topics raised in meetings with different actors (government, journalists, NGOs, businessmen and indigenous people) and pointed out in the Diagnosis. Brazilian Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Service, BPBES establishes specific partnerships like this with IIS.

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