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New Brand Positioning and Blog Launch

The World Environment Day, promoted by the United Nations, is the main global event to encourage awareness and action in favor of the environment. Celebrated since 1973, this date has become essential for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

On this special day, we are excited to share a new phase in our journey. Our new positioning reflects the renewal of our commitment to sustainability in an ever-changing world.

Facing the climate and biodiversity crisis

To address current crises, multiple and collaborative solutions are needed at all levels. The global and continuous commitment of all sectors of society is crucial, as well as the integration of approaches that consider social, economic and environmental aspects.

We exist to develop transformative solutions for a sustainable world, based on Science and other knowledge. We are a bridge between diverse knowledge and pragmatic action, catalysing positive impacts in all spheres.

Solutions that transform the world

The dream is to create a world in which everyone can enjoy nature and the services it provides in a harmonious, fair and equitable manner.

When we say “world”, we mean it: with a highly qualified team and a global network of strategic partners, we transcend geographic and sectoral boundaries to face complex challenges from a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

We work side by side with communities, governments, companies, multilateral organizations and civil society to generate public goods, always guided by a mindset of collaboration and co-creation.

Science knowledge as public good

We believe in the importance of making scientific knowledge accessible. By sharing our expertise, we encourage innovation and the implementation of sustainable practices on a large scale, allowing organizations, communities and individuals to become agents of change in their own realities.

In this context, we are happy to announce the launch of our Blog, aimed at disseminating scientific knowledge in a way that is understandable to everyone.

IIS’ blog

By developing a space dedicated to discussing and commenting on topics in the socio-environmental agenda, we are breaking down the barriers that traditionally limit access to scientific information, allowing a wider audience to understand and engage with socio-environmental issues. We will publish content related to ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation and climate change, among others.

The idea is to enable people from different backgrounds and origins to understand the challenges and solutions within our areas of activity, promoting more active and informed participation. Together, we can transform the world and build a sustainable future for everyone.

To access the new portal, simply go to the menu on this site, click on “Publications”, and then on “Blog”. Our first content will be available in June. Follow our social media for more information: