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  • News 1

    The Pact for the Atlantic Forest Restoration (Pacto in portuguese) reorganizes itself to overcome difficulties and achieve the restoration goals launched in 2009

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  • News 2

    The National Plan for Native Vegetation Recovery (PLANAVEG), of which IIS was one of the idealizers, became the federal decree "National Policy for Native Vegetation Recovery (PROVEG)"

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  • News 3

    IIS publishes two articles in the special volume on natural regeneration of Revista Biotropica (volume 48, issue 6)

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  • News 4

    Fighting deforestation alone fails tropical biodiversity

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  • News 5

    "Sustainability Indicators in Practice" book release in Rio de Janeiro

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  • News 6

    Brazilian and foreigner scientists launches a book debating sustainability indicators efficiency on March the 10th in Rio de Janeiro

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  • News 7

    Forest conservation initiatives in the Amazon and Africa are highlighted in Paris

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  • News 8

    Experiments with biochar begin in Casimiro de Abreu/RJ

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  • News 9

    Australian specialists discuss spatial priorization for Brazilian Atlantic Forest restoration at IIS

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