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During COP 28, Pará launches a plan co-led by IIS to restore the Amazon

Helder Barbalho, Governor of Pará, delivers a speech during the launch of PRVN-PA at COP28. Photo: Bruna Pavani / IIS.

At COP 28, held in Dubai, Governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho, announced on Saturday (02/12) the ambitious “Plan for the Recovery of Native Vegetation in the State of Pará (PRVN-PA).” A milestone in the Brazilian scenario, the program, co-led by the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS), stands out as one of the main strategies to achieve the state’s climate goals.

PRVN-PA, an implementation tool of the State Program for the Recovery of Native Vegetation, aims to restore 5.6 million hectares in the Amazon by 2030, equivalent to ten times the area of the Federal District. Its mission is to articulate, integrate, and promote projects and actions that drive the recovery of native vegetation, contributing to the reduction of net emissions through Greenhouse Gas (GHG) sequestration. The plan not only addresses environmental issues but also presents over 225 activities to be carried out in the next 10 years, related to the creation of green jobs, research incentives, and ensuring food security in the state.

During the launch, Governor Barbalho emphasized the importance of compensating producers for forest preservation. He highlighted the need to combat illegality, curb deforestation, and, above all, pointed to the importance of vegetation restoration as a fundamental part of a new path for Pará. The head of the Paraense Executive also presented results on the benefits of implementing PRVN: in addition to generating an added value in the economy between R$ 36.6 billion and R$ 42.2 billion, the plan promises to remove over 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, equivalent to the emissions from Brazilian agriculture in 2021.

The construction of PRVN involved more than 40 organizations, including public bodies, research institutions, the private sector, indigenous peoples, quilombolas, and traditional communities. IIS was one of the leaders of the committee for the organization and consolidation of the Plan, conducting various activities such as:

  • Support in building a legal framework for Pará to promote adequate governance;
  • Conducting a diagnosis to identify challenges and opportunities related to restoration in the state;
  • Organizing workshops and preparatory meetings for the formulation of PRVN;
  • Drafting the final proposal of the Plan, in partnership with the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability of Pará (SEMAS-PA) and other institutions.

PRVN-PA represents a transformative vision for Pará, consolidating itself as an innovative example in the national scenario of environmental conservation and restoration. Access the full Plan or its executive summary:

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