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For the strengthening of natural regeneration in forest restoration and landscapes policies

The International Institute for Sustainability launched the final report “The Role of Natural Regeneration in Large-scale Forest and Landscape Restoration: Challenge and Opportunity”. The document covers the workshop organized by IIS, WRI, IUCN and PARTNERS, held in Rio de Janeiro in November 2014, and brings the summary of all the lectures and the Rio Call. The objective of Rio Call is to create a global collaborative platform, to disseminate natural regeneration and to support natural restoration policies that consider this method.

“The process of natural restoration on a large scale provides more benefits in the governors perception if the cost is low. Natural regeneration is a method that offers this advantage and can be applied to part of the two billion hectares of deforested and degraded lands that currently exists in the world”, said Bernardo Strassburg, executive director of IIS.

The directory with the final report, Rio Call and Signatories List is available here. To access only Rio Call, click here.