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Specialist in industrial scale clean energy production in Poland came to Rio de Janeiro to talk about his experience

On March 27 and 28, Mr. Jan Gladki spoke at IIS head office and at PUC-Rio, organized by CSRio. The theme of the lecture was “Biochar for clean energy and more sustainable agriculture: an experience of Poland”.

Jan Gladki is the founder of the first facility in Poland to produce clean energy on an industrial scale through a process called flash pyrolysis of organic waste. By this process biochar is produced as a by-product and is subsequently used for various purposes such as agriculture, horticulture, polluted areas remediation and construction. The lecture also showed the collaboration between industry and academia, and the implications of this collaboration in practice

In terms of collaborations, Jan Gladki has a scientific partnership with Agnieszka Latawiec, IIS Executive Director and CSRio Coordinator.