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Workshop “The Value of Biodiversity Conservation in Private Areas”

On December 5, the GEF Private Areas Project team promoted the workshop “The Value of Biodiversity Conservation in Private Areas”, at the of the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS), in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting´s purpose was to discuss the component 3´s development of the project – improve public capacities to incorporate the conservation value of private areas in public policies- and assess the level of interest of the bodies. represented at the meeting, in monitoring / participate in this process.


In addition to IIS, members of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), the State Environmental Institute of Rio de Janeiro (INEA), the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development of Goiás (SEMAD), the Brazilian Forest Service – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (SFB-MAPA), Banco do Brasil, the Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) and the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN).

The tools that could incorporate the value of biodiversity were raised, as well in which public policies this database could be inserted, based on the following criteria: Public policy, Tool, Scope (eg state or federal), Desirable criteria (eg. connectivity, biomass), Insertion mode (eg platform), Responsible (instance / organization), Urgency and Geographic Coverage. Based on these criteria, a brainstorm was carried out to understand the elements necessary for the elaboration of the layer and its potential for use by interested parties.

Then, the general desirable criteria to guide the selection of high-value areas were discussed. After a new rain of ideas, 6 criteria were initially suggested: (i) biodiversity, (ii) adaptation to climate change, (iii) mitigation of climate change, (iv) income generation potential, (v) landscape effects and (vi) risks.

Those present expressed a high degree of synergy between the Project and its institutions and expressed an interest in collaborating and / or signing bond or partnership agreements.

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