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The first day of the Thematic Consultation on Ecosystem Restoration of the Convention on Biological Diversity

The Thematic Consultation on Ecosystem Restoration for the post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework has begun today, a meeting that promotes dialogue based on scientific input and the experience of representatives from over 60 countries to develop suggestions on potential objectives, targets and indicators, as well as thoughts on monitoring and reporting for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. More than 100 experts from countries that are part of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) were present, as well as representatives of other governments, indigenous peoples, local communities and relevant organizations.

The opening session, was conducted  by the co-chairs Nicola Breier and Eugenia Arguedas Montezuma, with the participation of:

  • Brigadier Eduardo Camerini, Secretary of Biodiversity, Government of Brazil
  • Bernardo Strassburg, Executive Director, International Institute for Sustainability
  • David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD Secretariat
  • Sheila Wertz*, Team Leader, Forest Resources Management, FAO
  • Lera Miles, Principal Technical Specialist, UNEP-WCMC, on behalf of UNEP

Next, Basile van Havre, co-chair of work group for post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (WG2020) gave a short explanation on the background on CBD post-2020 process, followed by a review of relevant outcomes from previous thematic and regional consultations and WG2020 meeting.

Opening the session 2 of the day “Status and current and future trends”, CBD deputy executive secretary David Cooper presentated highlighting findings of recent major cross-cutting reports/assessments on the state of terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystem degradation.

After lunch, Bernardo Strassburg, IIS´s executive director presented Multi-criteria global priority areas for ecosystem restoration, introducing PLANGEA – a decision support platform to optimise integrated land use planning for conservation, restoration and sustainable agriculture. It generates priority maps and quantifies impacts for multiple criteria and all ecosystems types.

Next, Karin Zaunberger, from the European Commission, report back from the pre-workshops

Opening the session 3, “Taking stock of lessons learned and challenges for global ecosystem restoration efforts”, Lisa Janishevski, from the CBD Secretariat (SCBD) presented key challenges and lessons learned from the design and implementation of the Aichi Bioiversity Targets, in particular Targets 5, 14 and 15; Radhika Dave (IUCN) spoke about the Bonn Challenge and Forest Landscape Restoration; and Bethanie Walder (SER), on Ecosystem restoration: standards and definition.

At the end of the day, participants were divided into three work groups, where they discussed the challenges and lessons learned from the development and implementation of Aichi Biodiversity Goals 5, 14 and 15, followed by a brief presentation of each group’s conclusions.

About the event

The International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) is hosting the Thematic Consultation on Ecosystem Restoration, in partnership with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), from November 6 to 8, in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting promotes dialogue based on the scientific contributions and experiences of the Parties in order to develop suggestions on objectives and targets for the post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

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