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First Landowners Meeting of the São João River Basin Protected Area – GEF Private Areas Project

On August 9 occured the First Meeting with Owners of the São João River Basin APA, in Silva Jardim (RJ). More than 120 participants were invited to know more about IIS and GEF Private Lands Project and  had the opportunity to discuss issues and solutions for the region.

In the first activity of the day – “Our Territory” – participants were divided into groups according to their property´s location and instructed to identify, on the map, the crops and  breedings practiced in each district. They discussed about the quality of the soil and the water and how it affect their productivity.

In the second activity of the day – “Diagnosis of the production chain” – the participants were divided in groups according to their main agricultural practice. The crop and breeding products and their respective markets were identified in order to think about possible solutions for each step of the production chain:  production, processing and distribution.

At the end of the event, work tools and gifts were raffled amongst the participants.

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