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IIS at the World Water Week

From 23rd to 27th August 2021, the world’s leading conference on global water issues – World Water Week – invites all to take action to solve the urgent threats facing societies across the globe .

On the 25th, 2pm, IIS´executive director Agnieszka Latawiec and reseacher Ana Paula Lima will join the Nature-based solutions for water sustainability: The peri-urban challenge.

This session will primarily comprise presentations from an international project called NATWIP which aims at building new knowledge on nature-based solutions (NBS) for water sustainability in the peri-urban context. NATWIP has brought forth a unique tool – the NATWIP Assessment Framework – which can be applied for developing, evaluating and sustaining NBS for water sustainability not only in the peri-urban, but even in urban and rural contexts. The tool analyzes the contextual factors, implementation processes and sustainability benefits along all 3 dimensions: environmental, social and economic. The NATWIP tool was applied to analyze NBS case studies in six countries from the Global North and Global South. Of these, case studies from Sweden, Norway, India and South Africa will be discussed.

The participants will be able to learn about NBS from the presentations, pose questions and engage in dialogue on the subject.

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