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IIS hosts internacional workshop about natural regeneration

IIS hosted, from 29 to 31st of October, the international workshop for the CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) Project, with collaboration of PARTNERS (Tropical Reforestation Network), coordination of IIS associate Renato Crouzeilles and  funded by USAID and the German Government.

The project seeks to demonstrate the importance of socioeconomic drivers in the processes of forest recovery and biodiversity in areas of natural regeneration. International collaborators of the area, such as David Lindenmayer, Robin Chazdon, Pedro Brancalion, Manuel Guariguata, Cristina Adams, Eliane Ceccon and Elena Lazos were present. As a result of the workshop, three studies will be produced: 1. Overcoming political and economic challenges to leverage natural regeneration as a forest restoration solution; 2. Mechanistic model to understand the pathways which socioecological drivers affect biodiversity outcomes of natural regeneration; and 3. Unified conceptual framework for natural regeneration in tropical forests.