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IIS is part of group that will make recommendations for the G20

The G20 is a group composed of the world’s 19 largest economies, plus the European Union, which meets annually to discuss global economic, financial, and political issues. Its discussions encompass topics such as economic growth, international trade, sustainable development, climate change, among others.

The Civil 20 (C20) is an Engagement Group of the G20 whose role is to ensure that world leaders consider civil society’s recommendations. Among its functions are:

  1. Provision of specialised knowledge;
  2. Accountability of governments for their commitments;
  3. Seeking positive outcomes for society;
  4. Promotion of effective financial means to achieve these results.

We are one of the organisations of C20 Brazil, composing Working Group (WG) 3: Environment, Climate Justice and Just Energy Transition. The WG’s activities will be intense until June 2024, culminating in the delivery of recommendations to the representatives of the member countries in July of this year.

Raísa Vieira, our sustainable development coordinator, is representing IIS in the group discussions. The work includes monthly meetings, document reading, and proposal drafting. By integrating the C20, we aim to influence G20 discussions and decisions, presenting suggestions for more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable policies.

Photo credit for the featured image: Tauan Alencar/MME

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