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The Pact for the Atlantic Forest Restoration (Pacto in portuguese) reorganizes itself to overcome difficulties and achieve the restoration goals launched in 2009

The Pact for the Atlantic Forest Restoration (Issue No. 252 of the journal Pesquisa FAPESP, February 2017) is a movement that integrates research and environmental conservation sectors aiming at unifying recovery actions for Atlantic Forest areas in Brazil. Currently, it is being restructured to gain autonomy and achieve the proposed goals of 2009. The International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) is a member of the Pacto Committee Coordination.

Eight years after the targets are launched, ongoing projects represent less than 1% of the 15 million hectares of forests restored by 2050. Monitoring areas being restored in the country is among the difficulties to achieve its targets. An estimate of the total area already restored in the Atlantic Forest was carried out by the researchers Renato Crouzeilles and Rafael Feltran-Barbieri, of the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS).

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