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Workshop on agricultural commodities production and trade scenarios outcomes on land use change and biodiversity in Brazil

The Trade Hub project – the United Kingdom Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund (UKRI GCRF) Trade, Development and the Environment Hub – is working with over 50 partner organizations from 15 different countries, with the objectives of make sustainable trade a positive force in the world by focusing on the impact of the trade of specific goods and seeking solutions to these impacts.

Within the Trade Hub scope, IIS role is analysing the land use and biodiversity outcomes of agricultural commodity production and international trade scenarios. The goal of IIS research is to contribute to this debate using spatially explicit economic-environmental modeling on land use, exploring different measures for the effective implementation of national policies, combined with different solutions for implementing safeguards in trade agreements.

As part of this research, the IIS held, in February 2021, a 2-days workshop with national and international high-level speakers to share their knowledge and perspectives on the topic and to involve a group of experts to discuss the main factors and measures that can influence the alternative land use scenarios. The goal was to identify the main international trade agreements, initiatives, processes, as well as, the public and private policies that act, or can act, in conjunction with sustainability and biodiversity conservation in Brazil.

Based on the outcomes, it was possible to formulate scenarios where the impacts on commodities production, land use change and biodiversity will be studied. The results, in turn, will be disseminated via policy brief, articles and database. It is expected that the research can contribute to policies and initiatives in direction to optimize the balance between biodiversity costs and benefits for people, in terms of prosperity and economic development.