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A Decade for restoring Earth

“A message of hope and the promise of healing Earth could not come at a better time.”

The United Nations General declared 2021–2030 as the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (the “Decade”) – a period that will be critical to reversing the degradation of ecosystems around the world through ecological restoration. The practice makes the rural and urban environment more resilient by increasing water security, pollination and reducing the risk of natural disasters. In addition, it has economic, social, cultural and biodiversity conservation benefits.

Fortunately, the science of ecological restoration has matured, providing a growing body of evidence and practical techniques adapted to local conditions. We need, however, to give attention and investment commensurate with its potential. We must redirect economic, political, cultural and innovation resources towards restorative activities. Properly managed, imminent public investment in post-COVID-19 recovery could serve as a catalyst for this transformative shift.

In the publication “A Decade for restoring Earth” for the journal Science, IIS´ executive director Bernardo Strassburg comments on the possibilities of this new decade and shows that it is possible to reconcile agricultural production with the restoration of ecosystems.

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