TEEB São Paulo – Consolidated Report Product I

This report is the result of the combination of 4 by-products: I) Update of the geo-referenced mapping of land use and occupation of Paraíba do Sul River Basin – Paulista Portion on a regional scale; II) Inventory of main rural economic activities (livestock, agriculture and forestry); Elaboration of social, demographic and economic infomaps; IV) Participatory research to understand the perception of rural producers and other stakeholders considered in the study regarding priority ecosystem services. The report concluded that the development of policies and incentives in the studied region must involve socio-spatial relationships, infrastructure and physical features of each place, and take into account rural producers’ economic motivations and personal factors, so the change in land use can be implemented and productivity increase can release new areas for restoration and conservation of native forests, improving natural resources and biodiversity’s resilience of the region.