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Consultative workshops to identify priority areas for the recovery of native vegetation in the Caatinga, Pampa and Pantanal

The Project “Conservation, Restoration and Management Strategies for the Caatinga, Pampa and Pantanal Biodiversity”, the Terrestrial GEF, aims to promote the effective conservation of biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems, focusing on the Caatinga, Pampa and Pantanal biomes, by strengthening the Management of Conservation Units (UCs), the recovery of degraded areas and the conservation of threatened species.

IIS provides technical consultancy for the Project and, between September and November 2020, held consultative workshops with specialists from the respective biomes. In these workshops, the specialties of the multicriteria spatial modeling approach were presented, based on entire linear programming for spatial planning of the recovery of native vegetation, in order to elaborate and discuss the databases, criteria and scenarios to ensure that the particularities of the biomes wererepresented in modeling. During the workshops, the participantes pointed out suggestions on the variables, criteria and scenarios .

From this analysis, it will be possible to identify where the vegetation recovery cost- benefit will be greater, allowing the optimization of the use of public and private resources in the recovery of large-scale vegetation in these biomes.

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