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IIS article analyzes the impacts of projects with sustainability indicators in developing countries

The International Institute for Sustainability published in the journal “Environmental Impact Assessment Review”, from Elsevier, an article discussing the use of sustainability indicators to evaluate conservation and development projects in developing countries. To reach the conclusion, case studies in Kenya, Indonesia and Brazil were chosen and indicators with the highest incidence at several projects were selected, as shown below:

The study reveals that the process of impact assessment presents a good opportunity for the application of sustainability indicators. In relation to the proponents of the projects (such as managers, appraisers and foundations, for example), there are challenges to establish indicators for total impacts of interventions and evaluation processes due to lack of data, measurement difficulties and concerns about scales on a series of impacts.

The analysis of the case studies brings as a result lessons related to the practical application of sustainability indicators in developing countries, with differences in environmental, cultural and socioeconomic conditions. The knowledge derived from this study can be applied to those interested in integrated sustainable development and environmental conservation.

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