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IIS becomes member of the coordination council of Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact

IIS is the newest member of the coordination council of Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact. The organization consulted its members to choose new representatives of the segments “Third Sector” and “Education and Research Institutions”, in a process held between February 25th and March 8th.

The result of the election showed the 11 third sector organizations – which includes IIS – and two of the academy that will compose the Pact coordination board in the next two years (2015-2016). See below the list of all selected organizations, available in alphabetical order:



Laboratório de Silvicultura Tropical (LASTROP)

Universidade Federal de Pernambuco


Third Sector

Associação Ecológica Força Verde

Centro de Pesquisas Ambientais do Nordeste (Cepan)

Conservation International

Instituto Internacional para Sustentabilidade

Socio-Environmental Institute of Brazil

Instituto Terra de Preservação Ambiental – ITPA

Mater Natura

Onda Verde

Rede de Ongs da Mata Atlântica

TNC Brazil

WRI Brazil


About Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact:

The Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact is a movement of Brazilian society, opened to all institutions willing to support or participate in forest restoration efforts, with the objective of coordinating public and private institutions, governments, businesses and landowners to join their efforts and resources to generate results in restoration and conservation of biodiversity. The goal of the Pact is to enable the restoration of 15 million hectares of forest by 2050.