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IIS is one of the winners of the “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Scenario Modelling Challenge”

IIS was one of the five winning organizations in the “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Scenario Modelling Challenge,” organized by the Swiss Re Foundation to financially support research on the subject. The Institute’s proposal aims to develop a framework to guide the implementation of Nature-based Solutions (NbS), specifically the restoration of degraded lands, with the goal of preventing natural disasters. The project’s objective is to guide decisions to:

  • Maintain and optimize nature’s contributions to people.
  • Minimize the risks of climate change.
  • Promote economic growth through ecosystem restoration.

To select the winners, 13 research proposals on biodiversity and ecosystem services scenarios were evaluated by professionals from the Swiss Re Foundation and from partner organizations of the initiative (AXA Research Fund, WWF, Swiss Re Institute, and EY), along with a jury composed of the experts Dr. Florian Altermatt (University of Zurich), Dr. Josef Settele (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research), and Corli Pretorius (UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre). The winning institutions will receive USD 100,000 to develop the presented studies.

The IIS project has already begun in August 2023 and is expected to conclude in December 2025. Preliminary results will be presented at the World Biodiversity Forum in June 2024, and the final results will be presented at the World Economic Forum in January 2025, both in Davos, Switzerland.

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