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” On October 20-23, the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) participated in the “”City and Civil Society Organizations Summit – 2017″” event in Istanbul / Turkey.”

IIS was the only organization invited to represent Brazil at the event, which brought together 192 civil society organizations from 60 countries. The participating organizations shared their actions and studies with a focus on cities, with the aim of promoting the development of technical and financial partnerships among them, sharing best practices in similar areas and allowing the exchange of information.

Project manager Mariela Figueredo and assistant researcher Luisa Lemgruber presented the IIS and the case study titled “Restoring urban forests: a social approach in the city of Rio de Janeiro / socioeconomic impacts of restoration: the communities` perceptions about ‘Mutirao of Reforestation ‘Project’, which evaluated the social, economic and ecological aspects of forest restoration projects in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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