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“Secretaria of State for the Environment and INEA present report of the “”Climate Adaptation Plan of the State of Rio de Janeiro”””

The Secretaria of State for the Environment (SEA) and the State Institute of the Environment (INEA) launched the results and recommendations of the “Climate Adaptation Plan of the State of Rio de Janeiro” in an internal seminar on wednesday (december 12th) at the auditorium Alceo Magnanini (SEA / INEA).

The objective of this plan was to support SEA and INEA in planning actions in accordance with the State Policy on Climate Change, highlighting vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for public decision-making and for the definition of projects and concrete measures that increase the resilience of State to climate change.

The International Institute for Sustainability (IIS), in partnership with the GAEA Institute for Environmental Studies, Coppe / UFRJ and Fundação Cearense de Meteorologia e Recursos Hidráulica (Funceme), was responsible for developing the technical basis of the plan. At work, IIS was tasked with identifying the key projected impacts of climate change on the Green Agenda sector (biodiversity and agriculture) and then proposing solutions focused on the concept of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EBA). The presentation was made by IIS project and research assistant Isabella Leite.

The work is an initiative of SEA / SUBCLIM / SUPCLIM and INEA, with the participation of state institutions and led by coordinators Dr. Sérgio Margulis (GAEA Institute for Environmental Studies) and Prof. Emílio Lèbre La Rovere and team (Centro Clima / COPPE / UFRJ).