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The challenges to the development of a sustainable livestock in Brazil

The International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) held in Rio de Janeiro, on September 22nd and 23rd, the workshop “Initiatives for sustainable livestock in Brazil: current status and challenges to a wider adoption”. The meeting, organized with the support of Norad, included discussions dedicated to the analysis of good agricultural practices in the country, intensification initiatives and macro aspects of landscape sustainability.

Among the case studies analyzed are initiatives in Alta Floresta/MT, São Félix do Xingu/PA, Paragominas/PA, Apuí/AM, Rolim de Moura/RO and Acre state. The potential for reducing greenhouse gases in the agricultural sector was also part of the discussions, which included a long-term vision for the sector, the future demands of the market and the intensification of bio-economic model – the latter one was presented by IIS.

The next steps of the workshop include the development of Intensification Matrix, designed to compare the methods of sustainable intensification of bovine beef cattle.

Workshop participants on the first day of activities. (Credits: IIS)