Assessment of species conservation status and spatial priorities for conservation and restoration in the Rio Doce basin

In 2015, the Fundão Dam collapse caused a series of negative effects in aquatic and terrestrial environments of the Rio Doce basin, located in Mariana (MG). The definition of conservation actions is essential to reduce the negative impacts on the species existing there, especially on those that are already at some level of threat. Therefore, the objective of this project is to assess the conservation status of 394 impacted species and define spatial priorities for their conservation, restoring their ecosystems.

With an expected duration of 24 months, the project will be carried out in partnership with the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development (FBDS in Portuguese) to ensure efficiency and compliance with the actions that have been established by the Renova Foundation – the organization responsible for repairing the damage caused by the dam rupture. IIS will support FBDS with its expertise in spatial intelligence solutions and biodiversity conservation.

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