Evaluation of ecosystem services in the state of Acre

This project was focused on the assessment and valuation of ecosystem services for different scenarios of future land use in the state. The central part of the project is a spatial valuation of natural capital by using the tool InVEST. The evaluation of ecosystem services (ES) in both monetary and non-monetary terms is a fundamental tool to build policies and finance mechanisms that incorporate the value of these services and remunerate actions to conserve and restore the forests that provide them. In this study we provide a first assessment of selected ecosystem services for which monetary valuation is possible. Although the value of nature goes beyond what can be captured in a valuation analysis, providing monetary values for some services can help to demonstrate the need for targeted interventions that correct distortions caused by incomplete markets.

The ultimate aim of this study was to create an incentive for finance framework and cash flow template for innovative financing mechanisms that can attract public/private sector finance for activities that reduce emissions from deforestation, and fund the transition to sustainable ecosystem management (SEM), low carbon economy and promotion of regulation, provision and cultural ecosystem services, where natural capital is valued, maintained and restored.

The results will be used by the state government in attracting investments to finance the transition to a sustainable economy.