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IIS´s project is selected in the second call for funding from the Land Innovation Fund for South America

There are seven projects selected in the second call for funding from the Land Innovation Fund (LIF) for South America. Operating in areas of the Cerrado, Gran Chaco and Amazon biomes in three countries in the region, the initiatives will receive investments of around US$4 million to help address some of the biggest challenges of the current sustainability agenda.

Among the chosen initiatives is a new project by the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS): “Incentives and interventions for behavior-based policies for a soy production chain free of deforestation and conversion in the Cerrado”. Its objective is to use the behavioral sciences to map criteria that influence the producer in the decision making for the use of the land, and to design mechanisms based on the behavior of soy producers for the conservation of native vegetation and the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. Discover all projects:

Selected Projects

Initiated in October 2021, the Land Innovation Fund’s Second Project Funding Round received 47 submissions, across four priority program areas – regulatory policies and instruments, methods and tools, participation and diversity, solution delivery – all with a focus on innovative solutions and sustainable practices relevant to rural property. The seven selected projects reinforce the Land Innovation Fund’s commitment to investing in initiatives that develop, test and deliver innovative solutions in the scientific, technological and business areas to achieve a sustainable soy supply chain, free from deforestation and conversion of native vegetation in South America, as well as in partnerships with the most relevant actors who pursue the same goals.

In just over a year of operation, the Land Innovation Fund supported the implementation of thirteen projects, with nine partners and the participation of thirty startups; engaged more than 60 rural producers and more than 70 institutions in two biomes in South America, Cerrado and Gran Chaco; led the selection process for the second round of projects; and structured the selection dynamics of the third call for promotion and cooperation of initiatives and partnerships, to be opened soon. “From innovation to transformation, we join efforts and investments to support a network of multiple stakeholders and contribute to the construction of a portfolio of projects and initiatives that bring impactful results for the whole of society”, says the director of the Land Innovation Fund, Carlos E. Quintela.

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