The closing day of CBD´s Thematic Consultation on Ecosystem Restoration workshop

The third and last day of the Thematic Consultation on Ecosystem Restoration for the post 2020 Global Biodiversity framework started with the report back from previous day work groups, presented by one country representative for each of the four stations:

  • Station 1 – Principles to guide the goals and targets
  • Station 2 – Global goals and targets
  • Station 3 – Linkages to other potential thematic areas
  • Station 4 – Integrating existing goals/targets from other international instruments areas

For the next activity, participants could choose one of the two groups to join, to discuss A. Means of implementation or B. Monitoring and review, followed by a report back from the group sessions.

After lunch, Bernardo Strassburg, IIS executive director, explored key elements relating to ecosystem restoration for the post-2020 global and conducted an online survey between the participants to collect insights that will serve as input for the final decision on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework that will take place next year at the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) in Kunming City, China.

Next, the Co-leads of ecosystem restoration theme, Eugenia Montezuma and Nicola Breier mediated a Plenary discussion and summary of key messages from the workshop. The final message was given by the Co-Chair of work group for post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, Basile van Havre, who closed the workshop presenting the conclusions and next steps.

About the event:

The International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) is host the Thematic Consultation on Ecosystem Restoration , in partnership with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), from November 6 to 8, in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting promoted a dialogue based on the scientific contributions and experiences of the Parties in order to develop suggestions on objectives and targets for the post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.