TEEB São Paulo – Recommendation of policies for ecosystem services’ preservation, income generation and change in scenarios in Paraíba do Sul River Basin – Paulista Portion/SP

An ecosystem services’ approach provides important information for policymakers to design and implement policies suitable for the local and/or regional economic and environmental potential, besides allowing the identification and quantification of trade-offs among different ecosystem services. Prioritization of the most relevant ecosystem services, as well as policies and initiatives that must be implemented in order to conserve and enhance them, is interesting for the entire society, and not only for policymakers. In this product, it was executed a detailed inventory and analysis of existent policies and initiatives, as well as bottlenecks for their implementation, and proposals were elaborated for their improvement and implementation, aiming a transition for the Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) scenario, recognizing the importance of natural resources for the improvement of the population’s quality of life.