Strengthening environmental governance and traceability in cattle supply chains in Brazil

In October 2022, IIS began the implementation of this project in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and with the collaboration of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). The initiative is aimed at strengthening the traceability and sustainability of Brazilian livestock production, with a focus on the Cerrado and Amazon states.

The initiative was established with the aim of strengthening the NWF’s activities in Brazil, operating in the country since 1986, with a Brazilian partner experienced in sustainable livestock. To do this, IIS will:

  1. work with the Working Group of Indirect Suppliers in Brazilian Livestock (GTFI in Portuguese) in engaging key players in adopting good livestock practices, including the use of VISIPEC – a complementary traceability tool developed by the NWF that works with the monitoring systems already used by refrigerators;
  2. support the NWF in engaging state agencies in two states, potentially Maranhão and Tocantins, to access important data for using the tool, such as information on the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR in Portuguese), and
  3. will identify possibilities for improving VISIPEC – with the IIS and UW expertise in spatial modeling, the project aims to increase the amount and richness of information on the productive areas conservation and the identification of areas of great opportunity for carrying out restoration actions in the two focus biomes.

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National Wildlife Federation (NWF) University of Wisconsin (UW)