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Framework for Planning and Evaluation of Nature-Based Solutions for Water in Peri-Urban Areas

Recent efforts to achieve social, economic, and environmental goals related to sustainability emphasize the importance of using nature-based solutions (NBS). However, most frameworks proposed in the literature fail to address their full potential and neglect their contribution to achieving global environmental agreements, such as the UN Agenda 2030. This article presents an innovative framework that can be applied to both NBS project planning and evaluation for several water-based challenges. The new framework considers three main stages of a NBS project:

  1. 1. context assessment;
  2. 2. implementation and adaptation process;
  3. 3. results.

This tool has the potential to be used to evaluate whether NBS projects are aligned with sustainability dimensions through a set of adaptable sustainability indicators. In addition, the framework can also highlight how the NBS targets are related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

Figure 3. The Operational Framework. Source: Lima et al., 2022.


Article developed in the context of the project “Nature-Based Solutions for Water Management in the Periurban”, covered by the so-called Water JPI 2018 Joint Call on “Closing the Water Cycle Gap – Sustainable Management of Water Resources”.

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